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Chairman It is my pleasure and privilege to share with you a few words about Greenland Group. At Greenland Group we direct our activities in such an approach that the group and the country can grow in a positive correlation. Over here, we regard the human resource, geographical position, geographical condition, culture and heritage of the country as our greatest Asset and we tend to grow based on these gifted assets we have at our disposal. We also believe that worldwide trend of globalization will not obstruct the country, rather it has opened the window to us for further exploration and diversification of trade and commerce in the global arena. Here at Greenland Group we accentuate the need of diversification for sustainability and positive growth. Keeping these aspects in mind, Greenland Group has involved itself in initiating and acquiring businesses those will assist the group to achieve its objective. Keeping the socio cultural dynamic in mind, the group has diversified its activities to fulfil the needs locally as well as globally. Hence, though Greenland Group initiated its activity in human resource placement, now it has diversified itself and is offering services in travels and tourism, land development, vocational training centre, medical centre etc. It has expanded its horizon not only in the Middle East but also beyond. Greenland International, incorporated in U.S.A. is the testimony of it. Without protracting my words, I would like to welcome you to visit us at your convenience. Here at Greenland Group we stretch ourselves to our maximum to achieves and turn dreams into reality.

With Best Wishes,



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